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13th February 2005

yomommatiff7:45pm: ok we were talking about this in suday school today and im just a little confused. so its like this she said that it was a sin to be jealous and to wish you had the things other people did (and i know that) but then its also a sin to be consided and full of your self and being to boostful (and i know that) but heres the question "are we supposed to just find a comfortable spot in the middle of those?" you know what i mean? im just a lil confused.

12th February 2005

siszeb8:50pm: Okay, I've got a new question.

You know how people always talk about surrendering and giving everything to God? How exactly do you accomplish that? I mean, if God is not physically standing in front of you and you are not physically surrendering or sacrificing yourself, how exactly do you do it?

9th February 2005

apostolic_jenn2:01am: Coolness
Hey ya'll!!! Wow this is interesting. I didn't know that you could like have a community like this. Oh well I gots to be getting ready for work I guess I will see you on Sunday! Luv ya
Current Mood: mellow

8th February 2005

yomommatiff9:07pm: well since the is only two of use yet but im expecting MORE i will leave a simple comment saying: do you ever feel like what you have is not enough but yet your giving all you have? (to the lord of course, who else? :)) i know that the answer what ever one says is: give all you have to give! and its hard to explain but what if you feel like your giving everything but at the same time you feel like you could give more?. entiendes? well thats all i have for now but i'll be back!
siszeb9:06pm: WELCOME
:) I just wanted to post this welcome message. I hope that this online community can become a place for Apostolics of all ages to relate to one another in an open way. Feel free to post whatever is on your mind, making sure to keep it clean.
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